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Flexible LED Tape Dual Channel Color Tunable Series


  • ●Bedroom ●Household Lighting
  • ●Restaurant ●Commercial Lighting
  • ●Office Lighting ● Desk and Living room
  • ● Christmas, Halloween Party
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    Product Description

    The range of Dual way dimmer color palette is 2700K-5700K. The products are mainly used for commercial lighting and atmospheric lighting applications, and the power is mainly 6W-30W.
    Application: commercial lighting, such as downlights, skylights, spotlights, and other occasions requiring atmosphere adjustment, home furnishing market - based such as domestic spotlights, floor lamps, wall lamps, bedside table lamps and so on
    Flexible LED Tape Dual Channel Color Tunable Series can used for residential Lighting of spot light, floor lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp, etc.
    Single channel driver+TRIAC dimmer,CCT changes in range of 2000K-3000K by changing current ratio between two circuits; Dimming curve emulating halogen lamp under dimming; Low cost version for step tuning: with power supply capable of step tuning to switch between warm white, neutral white and cool white via a normal one-button switch.

    CCT 2700K:only drive warm-white channel;
    CCT 4000K:drive both cool-white & warm-white channels;
    CCT 5700K:only drive cool-white channel;

    Key Feature
    ●High CRI/ Rf / Rg index (TM-30-18)
    ●2 channel adjustable CCT tuning range from 2400K to 5000K
    ●Maximum run length 5 meters
    ●Full Spectrum 2016 LEDs
    ●IP rating available IP20
    ●CE, ETL, UL, RoHS, GS certification
    ●Uniform light distribution without dark area;
    ●Highly reliable with CSP and Flip-chip technology ;
    ●Drop-in replacement with major COB form factors;
    ●Compatible holders and optics readily available;
    ●Dimming curves are tuned to halogen lamp with TriAC dimmer for single channel series;
    ●Wide color tunable range (2700-5700K) emulating CCT change of daylight (dual channel).

    Product Number Size(mm) Min.Unit Voltage Power
    CCT Quantity of LED Flux
    Typ. Rg Rf
    (V DC) (K) Ra
    LSN-10K5-2450-F-06K0-2016-24-B0 5080*10 12LEDs/50mm 24 32 2400-5000 240LEDs/m 3000 93 95 102 95

    Notes: * Lumen (|m) are measured based on both channels at full power - 3400K,just for reference;

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