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  • Direct LED backlight

    Direct LED backlight

    When edge-lit LED backlights are used in medium and large-sized LCDs, the weight and cost of the light guide plate will increase with the increase in size, and the brightness and uniformity of the light emission are not ideal. The light panel cannot realize the regional dynamic control of the LCD TV, but can only realize simple one-dimensional dimming, while the direct-lit LED backlight performs better and can realize the regional dynamic control of the LCD TV. The direct backlight process is...
  • Edge-lit LED backlight

    Edge-lit LED backlight

    LED backlight refers to the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) as the backlight source of the liquid crystal display, while the LED backlight display is just the backlight source of the liquid crystal display from the traditional CCFL cold light tube (similar to fluorescent lamps) to LED (light emitting diode). The imaging principle of liquid crystal can be simply understood as the fact that the external voltage applied to deflect the liquid crystal molecules will block the transparency of t...
  • Mini LED

    Mini LED

    Mini LED technology is a new display technology. In addition to being used on TVs, Mini LED technology may also appear on smart devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and watches in the future. Therefore, this new technology is worthy of attention. Mini LED technology can be regarded as an upgraded version of the traditional LCD screen, which can effectively improve the contrast and enhance the image performance. Unlike OLED self-luminous screens, Mini LED technology requires LED backlight a...
  • light bar

    light bar

    LED backlight refers to the use of LED (light-emitting diode) as the back light source for LCD screens. Compared with the traditional CCFL (cold cathode tube) backlight source, LED has the characteristics of low power consumption, low calorific value, high brightness and long life, which is expected to completely replace the traditional backlight system in recent years The brightness of LED backlight is high, and the brightness of LED backlight will not decrease for a long time. Moreover, the...