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Using the advanced phosphor recipe and packaging technologies, Shineon had developed three full spectrum LEDs series products. The technologies allows us to engineer and tune the spectrum power distribution SPD of white LED, so as to obtain an excellent light source suitable for different applications.

Research has indicated the correlation between color of light sources and human circadian cycle.Color tuning to environmental needs has become more and more important in high quality lighting applications.A perfect spectrum of light should exhibit qualities closest to sunlight with high CRI

The wavelength of UV is from 10nm to 400nm, and it divided into different wavelengths: black spot uv curve of (UVA) in 320 ~ 400nm; Erythema ultraviolet rays or care (UVB) in 280 ~ 320nm; Ultraviolet sterilization (UVC) in 200 ~ 280nm band; To ozone ultraviolet curve (D) in 180 ~ 200nm wavelength.

Shineon use of high hermetic packaging technology, designs two series of LED light source in horticulture. One is monochrome package series using blue and red chip( 3030 and 3535 series), and the other is phosphor series excited by blue chip ( 3030 and 5630 series). Monochromatic light series has the advantage of high photon flux efficiency

As a novel nano material, the quantum dots (QDs) has outstanding performance due to its size range. The shape of this material is spherical or quasi-spherical, and the diameter of it range from 2nm to 20nm. QDs has lot of advantages, such as wide excitation spectrum, narrow emission spectrum, large Stokes movement, long fluorescent lifetime and good 

With the development of display technologies, the TFT-LCD industry, which has dominated the display industry for decades, has been greatly challenged. OLED has entered mass production and has been widely adopted in the field of smartphones. Emerging technologies such as MicroLED and QDLED are also in full swing.