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COB -38AA High luminous efficacy with good quality


  • • Down light • Office lighting
  • • Street lamp • Outdoor Bulb Lamp
  • • High bay • Exhibition lighting
  • • Wall Light • Business premises lighting
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    Product Description

    The COB light source is a single light-emitting module that the manufacturer combines multiple LED chips directly onto the substrate. Because the COB light source uses multiple LED chips directly fixed on the heat dissipation substrate, it is different from the traditional LED packaging method. Therefore, the space occupied by these LED chips after chip packaging is extremely small, and the tightly assembled LED chips can maximize Efficient luminescence, so when the COB light source is energized, no independent single luminous point can be seen and it is more like a whole luminous panel.
    The COB light source can be applied in a wide range. Although these devices can be used in general lighting with higher lumens, COB light sources are mainly used as solid-state lighting (SSL) to replace traditional metal halide lamps, such as high bay lighting, street lights, track lights and downlights. 
    Power: 60-100W

    Key Feature 
    ●Down light, high bay 
    ●32.8mm LES; OfferCRI70andCRI80 
    ●Standard 3-step with optional 2-step binning 
    ●Voltage selection: 51v 
    ●LM-80 certified 
    ●The adoption of heat sink technology ensures that LED has the industry-leading thermal lumen maintenance rate (95%). 
    ●Stable electrical property, scientific and reasonable circuit design, optical design, heat dissipation design; 
    ●Facilitate the secondary optical matching of the product, improve the lighting quality 
    ●High color, uniform luminescence, no spot, health and environmental protection. 
    ●Simple installation, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of lighting design, save lighting processing and subsequent maintenance costs.

    Product Number Typ.Ra [K]
    MC-38AA-270-H-1708-B 82 2700 6853 140 960 51 49 1440 73.4
    MC-38AA-300-H-1708-B 3000 7214 147
    MC-38AA-400-H-1708-B 4000 7430 152
    MC-38AA-500-H-1708-B 5000 7647 156
    MC-38AA-570-H-1708-B 5700 7683 157
    MC-38AA-570-N-1708-B 72 5700 8000 163
    MC-38AA-270-H-1716-B 82 2700 12659 129 1920 51 97.9 2880 146.9
    MC-38AA-300-H-1716-B 3000 13325 136
    MC-38AA-400-H-1716-B 4000 13725 140
    MC-:38AA-500-H-1716-B 5000 14125 144
    MC-38AA-570-H-1716-B 5700 14191 145
    MC-38AA-570-N-1716-B 72 5700 15000 153


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