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Fast curing efficiency 5054 UV LED


  • ●Nail lamp ●Mosquito lamp
  • ●Led Bulb ●Curing light
  • ●Money detector ●The stage lights
  • ●Clothing lights ●The sterilization lamp
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    Product Description

    Ultraviolet radiation is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, which is not visible light but a segment of electromagnetic radiation other than visible purple light. The spectrum range of ultraviolet radiation is 100-380nm, and the largest natural source of ultraviolet radiation is sunlight. It plays an important role in life on Earth, often depending on its nature.
    UV light source has been widely used in plate drying, exposure, light curing and other equipment, in the PCB industry, exposure equipment (water cooling, air cooling) and UV light fixation equipment is more inseparable from the application of UV light source, its quality directly determines the quality of PCB finished products, UV light source is a core accessories of these equipment.There are many kinds of UV light sources, which are applied to different industries according to their different spectral divisions.
    ●Size: 5.0x 5.4 mm
    ●Thickness :3.1 mm
    ●Power: 1W

    Key Features
    ●High power, fast curing efficiency
    ●Small Angle
    ●White light dulls violet
    ●365-405nm dual wavelength.
    ●Series and parallel connection are optional

    Product Number Thickness Ratedvoltage
    Peak wavelength
    Min. Typ. Max. Typ. Max., Typ. Min. Typ. Typ.
    5054U03-10C65D60-XXPX-XXX 3.1mm 3.4 3.6 3.8 180 300 368 200 300 120
    5054UO7-10C65D60-XXSX-XXX 6.8 7 7.2 80 150 368 200 300 120

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